Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Ella Ward Remove

A big congratulations goes to Ella Ward from Remove (Yr 7) whose Textiles piece using bubblewrap will grace the cover of The Elm this year !  

Monday, 24 June 2013

Ann-Li Art GCSE

These are 2 of Ann's 4 Still Life studies made last year for her GCSE portfolio, a lovely selection of responses to the 'Breakfast piece'. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Ruth Wright-Palmer Art AS

Ruth produced this mixed media, A1 sized collage for her AS exam in 8 hours. The theme is 'Covert & Obscured' and in it she is exploring ideas about measles, the Plague and hidden messages. For the work she studied works by Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns and Anselm Keifer. A terrific piece, well done Ruth !

Nina Williams Art UT

Nina's study of a David Hockney still life in acrylics, wonderful colours !

Franci Donovan-Brady Art GCSE

This mixed media piece is Franci's 10 hour exam work on the theme of 'Force'. It also features on the back cover of 'The Elm' 2013.

Remove Textiles

The Remove (Yr 7) have been developing their Lino Printing ideas and techniques and have really enjoyed making these vibrant designs for their bags. Well done !

Becky Cooke

 Ella Ward

Evlyn Lloyd

Hannah Nelson

Heather Fitzgerald

Sarah Cox

Sophy Vane

Teana Heaton

Molly Fagan

Fran Fenton Photography GCSE

Fran made some lovely work for her GCSE Coursework.  Here is one of the strongest images from her Landscape project. Excellent !

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Franny Quesnel Photography GCSE

Here are two examples of Franny's final images shot for her Portraiture project as part of her GCSE Coursework.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Francesca Brundell-Romero Photography A2

Francesca has produced some excellent colour imagery this year. Here is a selection of some of her most vivid and vibrant photographs of water taken on her travels around the West Coast of America. We wish her well for the future !

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lily Pietersen Photography A2

Congratulations to Lily who has made a collection of fantastic films this year for her A2 Coursework and Exam. Here is just a small selection of her brilliant work. Her longer films will be posted here at a later date. 

Remove Textiles

Here are the first prints that the Remove (Yr 7) made for their Lino cutting project with Mrs Bridgman. Great fun was had by all ! 

Hattie Hunter Photography A2

Hattie completed her fourth year of studying Photography with a flourish. The top two images were part of her A2 Coursework project on the theme of 'Abandonement' where she produced a series of ghostly interior pictures shot at the derelict  US Airbase at Heyford Hill. Her manipulated landscapes were part of her Exam project and made in response to 'Inside, Outside and Inbetween'.

Lina Noueiri Art A2

This is Lina's large mixed media Exam piece on the theme 'Inside, Outside and Inbetween'. It reflects the measurable brain activity at the singular moment of the creative impulse, and is an amazing piece of work, well done !

Lizzie Peach Art A2

Here are two pieces of work by Lizzie, the top painting was a supporting piece for her Dissertation on 'The Nude' and the second mixed media work was for her Exam. The title was 'Inside, Outside and Inbetween'.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Emily Marshall Photography A2

Emily produced a range of stunning imagery for her A2 work this year, here is one of two films that she made for Unit 4 Exam on the theme 'Inside, Outside & Inbetween'. One film, this one, was shot in Geneva on a trip to visit Marie and the other was shot in the woods a couple of minutes from her house.  Her project was about the familiar, the unfamiliar and a sense of place. Brilliant !