Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Flora Hunter Photography GCSE

Flora has made some really strong imagery for her 'Word of the Week' project over the last year. In response to various words that she has been given here are some of her responses.







Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Christabel Forbes

A huge thankyou to Christabel who came to school last week to discuss her time at Art college with all our art students and show them her work. Christabel left Wychwood 3 years ago after doing Art, History of Art, French and Photography at A level. She went on to study a Foundation course and, currently, a Degree in Fine Art at Falmouth. She is now in her final year and set to do very well in the summer. She gave our students a very honest, thought-provoking and inspirational perspective on being an art student and her talk has been much discussed since. It was good to hear her thoughts on day-to-day life at college as well as her adventures doing community based work and a six month exchange in Poland.
We all hope to see her again very soon and wish her luck for her assessments in the summer !